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I was recently part of a Christmas choir cantata at my church. We met on Wednesday nights for 6 weeks and performed with a full orchestra on the Sunday before Christmas. While I was singing in the cantata on the actual day of the performance, I got the sense that I was not really being heard and/or seen since I was a bass in the very last row in the back, behind all the other singers and instrumentalists. I sang my part as well as I could but thought no one really noticed or cared.

Then the cover of my church newsletter came out and there I was, front and center, right in the middle for all to see singing my heart out!

choir picture

I am the one in the middle in the back row.

The photo reminds me that so much of what we do can be seen and heard and recognized by others even if we do not think any of that is happening. We need to always keep ourselves aware of how we are appearing to others and what we are doing so that we continually reflect the joy we have inside of us because of the presence of Christ within us.

Even our most seemingly insignificant words and actions can have an impact on those around us. But the good news for us and what is demonstrated in my choir experience is that we are not alone in our spreading of the Gospel in word and deed.

We have an entire “chorus” of believers singing their hearts out too, and keeping us “in tune” with God’s way and will and giving us strength when we feel our voices giving out and our knees buckling under the pressure of standing up for Jesus day and night.

So much of our lives involve the support of others, and I am grateful to those who sang with me in the cantata and those who sing with me in their faithful witness to others every day of their lives. What a wonderful melody of faith we can make together, even if we think no one can hear us.

What types of uplifting experiences have you had involving a choir in your parish, either listening to one or being in one?

Check out this booklet of devotions based on Christmas carols often sung in choirs during the Advent and Christmas season available through Creative Communications. (But you can sing them in Lent or any time of the year!):


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  1. Julie Z says:

    Love the picture and your recognition of the importance of every voice that sings God’s praise! Great message!

    • Mark Zimmermann says:

      We do all have a voice, and we should never be afraid to sing out. I realized with this experience that God uses me even when I don’t realize it. We are all in his hands. Thanks for the encouragement.

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