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The Art of Accompaniment

accompaniment in prayerOur sister company Twenty-Third Publications has published a booklet called The Art of Accompaniment, which talks about how parishes are called to journey with their parishioners through their lives of faith.

Creative Communications offers products that help with this endeavor. Shepherd Guides cards are for use by the parish to send at milestones and church year holidays to those who were married in the church, who had a child baptized and who buried a loved one within the last year. (See links below.)




Creative also offers a journal for godparents to give to their godchildren to encourage them in their faith at their confirmation:


There are many ways beyond these publications, of course, to accompany fellow members of God’s family on their faith journey. I know that I personally have been on the receiving end of some uplifting faith-filled texts or emails from church friends who knew I was having a hard week. Those little gestures go a long way to help people stay strong and keep growing in their faith.

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Keeping the Sabbath

people in churchIt seems like it is getting hard and harder these days to “keep the Sabbath,” unfortunately. There are so many competing activities on any given Sunday morning with soccer games conflicting and sporting events starting at noon and homework and family obligations that have to be taken care of before the end of the weekend.

The wife of a friend of mine recently said, “The devil is really hard at work on Sunday morning.” It’s a fact, especially in households with teenagers, where it is more difficult than ever to get them to wake up and go to church with so many other things to do.

But that is exactly why we must keep the Sabbath, to keep all the competing events in perspective. If we don’t have time for God on Sunday morning, what does that say about having time for God during the other days of the week?

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Pattern Interrupt

One of the speakers at Best Practices from Camp Lutherhoma in Oklahoma (of course!) talked about the need we all have for “pattern interrupt.”

Camps like his provide people with the opportunity to get away from their usual schedules and take time to sit back, relax and be at one with nature, as they say. At camps like these, people are free to join in Bible classes, eat meals served by the staff, engage in crafts, play games, take part in activities, head out on hikes, read books, go swimming and enjoy naps in the middle of the day.

Sounds good, right?


Take time for a pattern interrupt.

It seems more than ever than our lives are far too busy, our days are filled to the brink, our calendars and day planners are stuffed. Part of that is healthy, of course. It is a good thing to stay active, to be involved, to spend time with people, to use the gifts that God has granted to us.

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