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Number Our Days

calendarOne of our Creative Communications contributing writers, Michelle Van Loon, recently had her newest book, Moments and Days: How Our Holy Celebrations Shape Our Faith, excerpted in the September 2016 issue of Christianity Today. Bravo, Michelle! Way to go!

Her words about how we order and structure our time resonate well during these weeks when a a new academic year begins.

Van Loon reveals in her book that in early pagan cultures time was seen as a wheel that kept going around and around. It was only the ancient Jews who began looking at time as a journey with a purpose.

We need to keep that in mind ourselves as we “get back on the hamster wheel” of routine again after the summer months.

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This is what a typical labyrinth looks like.

During Lent this year, I am reading the book Walking the Labyrinth by my good friend Travis Scholl. In it he tells of a Lent several years ago in which he walked the winding path of a labyrinth in a churchyard near his home every day of the sacred season.

Scholl describes how the weather, the surroundings, his mood changed each time he walked the labyrinth reflecting and praying. I imagine in my mind’s eye a kind of movie montage of different scenes behind Scholl as he makes his same labyrinth walk each day.

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