What Are We Praying For?

praying hands

In 2017 the Barna Group did a study that asked the question: What does the content of your prayers most often pertain to? (% prayed at least once in the past three months). Here were the top 5 responses:

Gratitude and thanksgiving 62%
The needs of my family and community 61%
Personal guidance in crisis 49%
My health and wellness 47%
Confession and forgiveness 43%

I am pleasantly surprised to see gratitude and a concern for others at the top of the list before petitions related to oneself. This arrangement of prayer topics is, in fact, a good model for us to use in our daily prayer life. Think first of what you are thankful for, then move to praying for others, followed by what is on your heart and mind regarding what help you need from God for yourself. Ending with a time of confession and forgiveness is a good idea, too, in order to move into the rest of our day with a clean slate, a new start and a renewed sense of purpose and direction. May God bless your prayer life this week.

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