Visual Storytelling

picturesIn an article entitled “Go Social” in the November 2016 issue of Living Lutheran, the writer encouraged Christians to open an Instagram account. Why? To be a visual storyteller for Christ.

The article explained that in the Middle Ages, it was stained-glass windows that told the story of salvation to those in the pew who were mostly illiterate.

Today there has been a resurgence of telling a story visually, most notably through social media sites like Instagram. The whole goal of Instagram is to share photos of your life with others. In essence, as a Christian, then, your Instagram site can serve as the stained-glass windows to the world of your life in Christ.

So what images are you sharing? What can people tell about you only from the pictures you put up on your Instagram or Facebook page? Take a quick look at your image posting history. Is there any way that people can tell that you are a Christian from these images? If so, then great! If not, then what can you include in future image postings that can reveal your commitment to Christ and the central role that Christ plays in your life?

So much of social media imagery can be about me, me, me. But our role as Christians is to say he, he, he is the one we should follow by pointing to Christ in our pictures.

Post an image from when you are at church. Tell in imagery what you are doing there.

Post an image when you pray.

Post an image when you read the Bible or have a devotion.

Post an image of you wearing a cross necklace or lapel pin.

Post an image when you are gathered with your fellow Christians to study the Bible.

Let these images tell your story in Christ.

Let these images be your continuous stained-glass windows for all to see.



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