The Influencers

fish60 Minutes recently ran a story about The Influencers, those young millennials who are making videos on the internet and are hired by major corporations to influence the buying habits of millions of people all over the world. One commentator noted that a single video posted by an Influencer had more power and reach than any TV commercial, newspaper ad and magazine spread combined could ever garner.

The story reminded me of what Malcolm Gladwell explained in his book The Tipping Point about “connectors,” who are the people in a community who know large numbers of people and who are in the habit of making introductions. These relatively few “connectors,” Gladwell said, serve as “agents of change” across a wide swath of economic, social and cultural arenas. These connectors led to the rise of the rise and popularity of Hush Puppy shoes in the mid-1990s, for instance.

What a wonderful picture for us as Christians who may think we cannot create much change in our world today. It is clearly possible for a few to spread an idea to many and move people to action. If it can happen with Hush Puppy shoes, then why not the message of the Gospel?

Think of ways in which you are an influencer among your social and professional circles and consider what little things you can do to share the Good News of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ for our salvation to everyone you come in contact with.

There is power in small numbers. Jesus called only 12 disciples. And after his ascension, it was on their then-11 shoulders to make the Word of Christ “go viral.”

We don’t need to be computer savvy to make this happen. All we need to do is get the Word out in every way we can: sharing a meaningful spiritual moment with a friend, telling people how Christ has changed your life, making a point to say a prayer before a meal.

We can be the spark that leads to a raging fire of faith in the hearts of many.

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