Manger Scene

manger sceneWhen I was a kid, during the season of Advent we would always have a little manger scene out with the figures of Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, a shepherd and three wise men. It was a child-friendly set, with almost like a Lincoln Log stable and Fisher Price style figures (I know I am dating myself with these references).

I just recently learned that this manger scene was a wedding gift for my parents, who were married 50 years ago on December 27, 1967. What a wonderful wedding gift to give: the story of the birth of Jesus in tangible form to share with future children as part of a family tradition.

My parents still have those figures and they still put them out. And I am again reminded when I see them of the marvelous story of how Christ came to earth to save us.

That is a story we need to share with family and friends who come to our homes at Christmas year after year and it is a story we need to treasure with all our hearts.

One funny thing I notice still to this day is that one of the wise men in the set never stands up right. He always is tipping over. He is in a perpetual state of bowing to the Christ Child, I now realize. And we should be too. We should in everything we say and do this Christmas be continually worshiping Jesus. That is our role in the Christmas story year after year.

Merry Christmas to you all, dear readers!

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