Hidden with Christ

hidden Jesus faceIn the article “Grace Alone” in the September 2017 issue of Living Lutheran, theology professor John F. Hoffmeyer pointed readers to Colossians 3:3: “Your life is hidden with Christ in God.” “We can be assured that, in Christ, God refuses to live without us,” Hoffmeyer says. “Our lives are bound to Christ’s life—regardless. God regards us with the same unbounded love with which God regards Jesus” (Living Lutheran, September 2017, p. 45).

Something in those precious words clicked with me in a profound way, like with Martin Luther in his Tower Experience after reading Romans 1:17. Like Luther before me, I felt reborn in my faith.

It struck me that when God sees me, he doesn’t see just me, he sees Christ first, and then me, hidden with him. The concept of being hidden with Christ is compelling to me. I am part of him now because of his death and resurrection for me. I am forgiven, free and forever loved. I am embedded within him. No longer is my face the face people see first. It is now the face of Christ. And my life is behind that face of Christ.

The idea of being hidden with Christ helps me to realize and recognize that it is only through him that I live and move and have my being (Acts 17:28). My thoughts and motivation become his. And any pride or selfish ambition I may have is superseded by his drive and will for me. My goal then becomes more about loving and serving others.

The idea of being hidden with Christ has helped me, too, to be less worried about what others think of me, and not too consumed with the often petty details of daily living. I know that in the end, Christ will take care of things and I will be OK, because I am wrapped up and enfolded within him.

It makes me think of the idea of a force field. Christ is our force field and we are safe within that force field. Nothing can penetrate that shield, that shell of Christ surrounding us.

Visualize yourself hidden within the force field of Christ and see how the day goes.

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