Gift Bags

gift bags

Have you noticed lately that most presents for birthdays and other special occasions are found in gift bags, not in wrapped presents? “Why is that so?” I pondered. Here is what I came up with:

  1. They are easier to wrap—no scissors, tape and measuring.
  2. They are easier for the recipient to unwrap—no picking at corners and straining to undo tape.
  3. They are easier for the recipient to carry home with the built-in handles.

What does this have to do with Christian living? It has to do with the Christian life because we often make sharing our God-given gifts with others more difficult. We bind up our love behind the tape of selfishness and hostility. We often make it hard to break through the barriers we put in place to block our kindness and care. That’s why we as Christians are drawn to the “gift bag” approach, if you will, of sharing with others. Our hearts should be open and easy to access. Our gift-giving should be something that comes naturally and without much trouble to receive. Our gifts should be something that the recipients can carry home with them to enjoy and even share with others. So often people re-use gift bags to give their own presents to others. So we are to share with others in the same way that others have shared with us. What a beautiful picture of the continuous spreading of God’s gifts of love to every one of us.

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