First Day of School

first day of school

A few weeks ago social media was filled with photos of children standing in front of their front doors on their first day of school. There seemed to be a lot more of these photos this year because it had been so long since children had been in school with COVID-19 shutdowns and school for many students is still looking a lot different than it did before with some kids still at home and some in hybrid schedules of being at home and at school on various days.

One of the popular props, especially in the early grades, is the first day of school “board.” On it, children write their names, their interests, their family members, their favorite color, favorite foods and favorite things, and what they would like to be when they grow up. The boards are a quick snapshot of the personality of the child and an easy way to see where they are in their lives and where they hope to go.

Though our first day of school is long gone for most of us reading this blog, it is still good for us to remember that “his mercies are new every morning” (Lamentations 3:23). Each day with the Lord is like the first day of school: new and fresh and full of possibilities. And each day we have a metaphorical “board” that we can complete in our minds with our name, our family members, our favorites, our hopes and dreams. Our review of who we are can remind us that we are baptized children of God, that we are blessed with family and friends and the wonders of this creation. We can recall for ourselves each day that we are unique and have a purpose and a plan, a hope and a future in Christ. We serve him with the special gifts he has given to us. Just as Jesus carried out God’s plan for his life from day one, we can start each day with God’s plan in mind for us, which we can carry on with all our days, learning new lessons from our Teacher every step of the way.

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