I have been biking the last few Saturdays on a trail near my house. The trail had been closed for a time in the midst of the COVID shutdown, so I was excited to get back on it after some time away.

I learned a few things “getting back into the saddle.” The first thing is that you cannot get right back to where you once were. You have to ease your way in. I found that I was not going as fast as I was and that it took more energy. When I got home, I felt soreness in my shoulders and back.

The other thing I learned is that it is not best to bike in the baking sun of midday. The sweat was pouring down my face and all down my back in the 90-degree heat. On weeks when I rode a little later in the day, the sun was not as sweltering and there was a breeze along the way.

Lastly, I discovered that even the slightest incline can make a bike ride more difficult. I didn’t even realize I was going uphill until my body started objecting with aches and pains. Turning around and going downhill feels like a dream after that.

These experiences mirror the Christian life in that it sometimes takes time to get it right, to hit our stride as Christ’s disciples. We need to be patient with ourselves and not get discouraged when we don’t follow Christ the way we should or we miss opportunities to witness. More chances will come along. The path is long and God will never give up on us, so we should not give up on ourselves.

Life as a Christian can get uncomfortable sometimes. But don’t let the heat of hard times get to you. You can find ways to get around the heat and keep moving forward for the Lord and his plan for your life journey.

Uphill battles in our Christian way can startle us but when we keep pedaling through, we know that the downward slope is on the horizon with an easy ride toward heaven because Christ went up the hill of Calvary and came down victorious over sin and death forever through his death and resurrection.

Whether you bike or not, keep on going forward in the name of the Lord. As the Scripture says, “Let us run (bike) with perseverance the race that is set before us,  looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the sake of the joy that was set before him endured the cross, disregarding its shame, and has taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of God” (Hebrews 12:2).

2 replies on “Biking”

  1. Julie Zimmermann says:

    Absolutely beautiful Mark. I love the analogy of pedaling through our uphill battles while knowing that the easy ride to heaven (because of Christ) is on the horizon! Comforting right now. Thank you!

  2. Steve Hess says:

    Thanks for the great biking devotion, Mark! I ride for an hour or so everyday in the mornings before it gets too hot and hopefully before the rain starts. No hills in Fort Myers, FL, except for bridges which the hardcore bikers train on. I fell on April 11—Holy Saturday—and separated my shoulder. No surgery, thank God, but I was off the bike for a month doing PT. I’m so happy to be back on the bike, and have continued PT stretches at home everyday since first appointment April 20–today was Day 107, according to Siri 😂
    Thanks also for the biking paraphrase of Hebrews 11: I love it! Thanks again for your regular contributions on this blog to give us hope and help us grow in our journey with Jesus. Steve

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