accompanimentOur sister company, Twenty-Third Publications, came out with a publication recently called The Art of Accompaniment, a term expressed by Pope Francis in The Joy of the Gospel. Here is the link to the booklet:

By the term “the art of accompaniment,” Pope Francis is referring to the call of the Church to walk with people in compassion and love in whatever circumstances of life they are given.

The concept of the art of accompaniment can be applied to our journeying with younger generations through their milestones of faith as well (baptism, First Communion, confirmation). Our presence at these events and our encouragement of them in their faith can go a long way in keeping them grounded and confident in their relationship with Christ.

What does the art of accompaniment look like? It can mean a phone call, a letter, a text of support. It can mean having a cup of coffee with someone or literally taking a walk with them and conversing about what is happening in their faith life. It can mean praying for them on a regular basis and lifting up their spiritual well-being to the Lord.

I think, too, of those who have accompanied me on my walk of faith. I thank God for them and use their good examples as a framework for my accompaniment of others.

Think today of who you can practice the art of accompaniment with and enjoy your journey with the Lord together.

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