A Life Changer

wheels on suitcase

Travel got a lot easier for me on a recent trip when I took my new suitcase with wheels instead of lugging my old 1984 Samsonite around the airport. Walking to the gate was a breeze, going up elevators, escalators and stairs was no problem. The “wheels” of my suitcase got me to my rental car and my hotel with much less pain and effort on my part. Dare I say, my new suitcase was a life changer.

On this eve of Easter, I say to you now that we are on the verge of a life-changing moment like no other. The resurrection of Jesus takes away the burden of sin we have been lugging around with us. The resurrection of Jesus makes our journey through this life (even with its ups ad downs) a joy and a thrill because we know that Jesus has opened the way for us to heaven, where we will one day arrive to experience no pain, no problems, no sorrows. Those have all been whisked away by Christ through the heavy lifting he endured on the cross for our salvation.

Easter, more than any other day, is a life changer for us. Enjoy and savor the change.

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