Easter Eggs

I am always fascinated by the attraction to Easter egg hunts. Why do we get so excited about them? I know that lots of parishes hold them every year, and even the Easter Egg Roll at the White House on Easter Monday is a huge event with thousands in attendance.Easter eggs

I thought to myself, “What does an Easter egg hunt entail?” First, there is the act of first dying the eggs in various colors for the hunt. Then there is the hiding of the eggs, and finally the finding.

Then it hit me: the Easter egg hunt is a microcosm of what happened that first Easter.

First, Christ died for us and drops of his red blood fell to the ground, much the same way dye drops onto the pure white of the egg. After Jesus dies, he is hidden, buried in a tomb behind a large stone. But then there is the joy of the finding that the women experience on Easter morning, when they discover from the angel at the empty tomb, the Jesus is risen, just as he said.

We get a glimpse of that joy each time we hear a child squeal with delight when an Easter egg is found behind a bush, under a rock or inside a tree. New life represented by the egg is found in dark and drab places, and there is sheer joy.

And there is delight to the hiding of the eggs, as parents often recognize. This gives us a glimpse too of the excitement our heavenly Father felt when he hid Jesus for a time in the tomb, knowing what blessing would come from it in a matter of three days.

So get out and enjoy an Easter egg hunt as part of your celebration today, if you are able and rejoice in your heart for what was hidden has been found in Christ, our Lord, alive again for us forevermore.

Happy Easter to you all!



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