Soul On Fire

fireplaceOne of my favorite songs on Christian radio these days is “Soul on Fire” by Third Day. Take a listen:

What I like most about this song is the strong beat and the positive uplifting tone. There is excitement and movement in being a Christian in the world that is sometimes lost in our often ordered and mannered worship.

The reality is that there is the fire of the Holy Spirit burning within our souls. And that Spirit’s fire needs to get out and spread to the people and circumstances around us.

And what helps us to release that Spirit’s fire from within us? As the song says, it is our desire through the Holy Spirit to be “running for (God’s) heart” and “longing for (God’s) ways.”

It is a process and a journey. Our souls may not be as “on fire” as they could be, but if, by faith, we let that holy fire blaze forth from us by the Spirit, the fire will grow and stay ablaze within us.

What does that mean for our everyday lives? It means being warm in our interactions with one another. It means brightly shining with the Light of Christ by being humble and serving others selflessly. It means passing on the torch of faith to others that the Good News of Christ’s salvation for us through the cross might catch on and blaze in the souls of those who have not yet felt the fire of the Spirit.

In these weeks leading up to Christmas, be more and more aware of candles in church and fireplace hearths at holiday gatherings and consider how your soul can be more and more “on fire” for the Christ Child.

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