CDI am singing in a cantata at my church again this year, and as part of the discipline for preparing for that event, our director provides CDs of people singing the music for us to listen to in the car. I find the experience interesting because I have the songs on almost a continuous loop whenever I am driving anywhere. And sometimes the juxtaposition is startling.

As I turn off the car in the grocery store parking lot, the last words I hear are, “Love came down at Christmas.” Somehow buying food becomes less of a chore when you know that.

On the way home from work on the dark interstate, the words, “O come, O come, Emmanuel” seem to have added significance as I find myself weary from the day.

Traveling in the early morning, I hear, “Rise and shine, your light will come.” I awaken to the beauty of a new day, aware that the Light of Christ is on the way.

What is the soundtrack of our lives? For many it can be a dirge or a march. Plod along. Get things done. But for us as Christians, the melody of our lives is a continuous lullaby from God in Christ, who soothes us day in and day out through his Word and prayer with messages of hope, peace, freedom, joy and grace.

It is only right that we hum along with him and savor his sounds of salvation.

So if you haven’t already, put a CD of your favorite Christmas music in the car this holiday weekend and see what musical message lands where in your day-to-day travels this week. And sing along.

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