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This is what a typical labyrinth looks like.

During Lent this year, I am reading the book Walking the Labyrinth by my good friend Travis Scholl. In it he tells of a Lent several years ago in which he walked the winding path of a labyrinth in a churchyard near his home every day of the sacred season.

Scholl describes how the weather, the surroundings, his mood changed each time he walked the labyrinth reflecting and praying. I imagine in my mind’s eye a kind of movie montage of different scenes behind Scholl as he makes his same labyrinth walk each day.

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cross plaqueI recently found this wonderful wall hanging in my basement and returned it to a wall in my home. It was a gift to me from my godparents for my confirmation. I am amazed at how modern the design and the message are considering that it is now 32 years old.

It reminds me that I need as much help today finding the way through the changes in my life as I did then. But the multiple arrows pointing to and forming the cross remind me that the only way to find the way through changes in life is through Christ.

He is the only one who can help me navigate through the twists and turns of life, be it moving to a new town, starting over at a different school, attending a college eight hours from home or starting a job in yet another city (all changes I have successfully maneuvered through with Christ’s help).

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I have been cleaning my basement for the last few months, going through box after box of old school papers and Abilities-plaqueother mementos. In one box, I found this interesting piece of art:

I think I made this when I was around 10. It is a homemade plaque—a block of wood and an assortment of mismatched tiles with a flimsy string for hanging on the wall. What struck me most was the message that I chose to add: “Thank you, God, for my abilitys.” I find it ironic that I spelled abilities wrong, since I would later become an editor who checks manuscripts and corrects spelling errors for a living. Continue reading →